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Dissertation proofreading service: make a wise choice

Even today a lot of people tend to underestimate importance of professional editing proofreading. We all perfectly know how much it is important to present correct texts, especially when we talk about academic written works. That is why our experienced editors tirelessly prove that professional help leads to excellent results. Any service ordered on our site will improve quality of any text significantly, whether it will be proofreading, rewriting, revision, editing or any other available service. Thousands of customers have already received their processed papers and got their excellent grades. They return to us for many times because we can not only promise superior quality and amazing result, but also we can guarantee and prove it, and in addition all this is at low cost. Now we would like to present some features of editors’ work, persuading our visitors and readers that our services are really necessary and demanded.

To edit a text means to promote mutual understanding

Editor is a profession. It has appeared along with writing and with pass of the time it becomes more and more demanded. Each person approximately has an idea on what an editor is occupied with. However, during last years of editing practice we have to answer the question “what for to edit texts” more often. Any author of a text wants to make his “child” successful. Different texts have different criteria of success. For example, criteria for thesis are successful defense and recognition in academic / scientific circles, for a literature work this is popularity among wide audience, for an advertising text in business this is attraction of customers, for a copywriter the criteria are high payment and big volume of orders.

At the same time all authors are united by a common desire:

  • To make reader interested;
  • To express one’s idea clearly and precisely;
  • To persuade reader;
  • To encourage reader for an action.

For this purpose a text should be a harmonious unity of style and content. It should be a literate work with correctly put accents. On the contrary, text that contains errors and misprints will probably provoke negative reaction at a reader, an absence of logical connection between parts of work will proclaim mistrust, stylistic imperfection will prevent from “catching” author’s idea. As a result, even valuable information and excellent intention will not be evaluated as it should be.

The point is not that an author is not good or illiterate. The point is that there are secrets of text processing, which allow to polish it, to make it oriented at certain audience, thus, to get maximum effect. Specially trained people possess these secrets. They are editors, whose major task is to help an author achieve initial intention. Such editors are graduates of best universities and colleges. We have prepared top universities for producing millionaires for those who might be interested.

Even recognized masters of word often use editing services, because this very cooperation gives maximum effect. Promotion of writers and journalists happens mostly due to help of such “eminence grises”, i.e. editors. It is not a coincidence that some writers in the beginning of their works thank their editors. So, main task of an editor is to make “raw” text “delicious candy”.

Text editing

We process different materials of different themes, purpose, direction, level of stylistic processing, etc. Consequently, approach to each text is different and individual. Nevertheless, we can define some commonly accepted editing techniques. Text editing or just editing is a quick and simple kind of text processing work. Editing content is correction of grammar, orthographical, syntactic, spelling, etc. mistakes in a text (read about easy way to improve grammar here:

Today preparing text for printing / publishing, a lot of people use computer text editors. However, believe our experience, there is no such a computer that could replace conscientious scrupulous work of an editor. Read related post, which proves it:

Editing, except errors correction, implies a whole set of operations with a text structure, which allows to get readability of a text. For example, big material can be divided into parts. These parts can be given intriguing titles, essential parts can be highlighted. Thus, reader’s attention will be attracted and focused on text.

Text is revealed from excess repetitions and details of little importance. There is a famous saying: “Art to write is the art to cut (be brief)”. Besides, thus, a logical coherence between different fragments is built, stylistic unity is achieved. If necessary, a text can be rewritten. It happens when a piece of text, which is hard to read, should be changed. In such a way, unreadable, difficult to understand but valuable material becomes clear, available and interesting for reader.

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Finally, literary editing. It ensures maximum effect from text processing and maintains a set of editing techniques: critical evaluation of a work, text optimization, improvement of language and style. Literary editing is chosen by most of customers. Cooperation of an author and editor is an obligatory condition.

Literary editing is usually begun with a deep analysis, which allows to realize author’s idea, to identify the advantages and disadvantages, to find ways of work improvement. As a result, an author gets objective professional evaluation and competitive work, i.e. perfect text.

Separately it is necessary to mention check of words meaning, quotes, numbers and accuracy of terms. Suchlike work is most demanded for translation works, law and business documents, scientific and journalistic works. This is a very hard process, which takes much time and demands scrupulous work with additional literature. If this service is required, then demands and conditions are discussed with a customer individually.

Thesis editing proofreading work online

A lot of authors, who are interested in scientific research, forget that thesis papers has to be written in literate language and correspond to strict formal demands. Misprints, mistakes, logical inconsistency can significantly reduce evaluation made by opponents, reviewers and expert commission. However, this is not the worst what may happen.

It is necessary to realize that final decision on award of a scientific degree is made by special commission. Remember that members of commission look first of all not at paper content, but at correct formatting of a document, i.e. thesis.

The slightest mismatch with demands and standards can become a reason for refusal to award an applicant with degree. So, this is a very important fact, which always should be kept in mind. It becomes obvious that trying to save money on editing, one may suffer later.

What is thesis editing?

They distinguish two stages of thesis editing:

1) Text editing itself – this is a scrupulous process, which implies such types of work as:

- correction of stylistic defects: tautology, inconsistency, violation of style and literary norms;

- check of idea presentation logic;

- terminological unification and revision;

- formatting thesis according to accepted standards, formatting of reference list, check of bibliography, formatting of quotations, etc.

2) Text editing: correction of grammar mistakes, standardization of similar elements writing and check of matching different numbered elements (contents, tables, attachments, etc.).

Why thesis editing should be performed by professional?

Experience shows that thesis paper writer even being educated person cannot notice and replace all mistakes in a work, because knowledge of text prevents from being concentrated on technical part of work.

Thesis editor should have many skills and knowledge: complete literacy, attentiveness, understanding of thesis editing features, knowing terminology, and what is very important, being aware of current accepted standards. The point is that special commission fixes every little thing, including gaps. Only a specialist can perform this work at high quality level. It should be a specialist for who thesis text editing is main kind of activity, what can be proved by experience and recommendations.

How much can thesis editing cost and where to find an editor?

Specialists, who are professionally occupied with thesis editing can unite into editorial offices / bureaus, as well as they can work independently. Internet will help to find their services. Search query “thesis editing services” is a pretty common phenomenon. Do not forget to pay attention to experience, prices and portfolio of a future thesis editor. Prices for editing are various according to different executors (editors). It is believed that one can expect to get high quality editing at low prices. However, our site proves that perfect editing at really affordable cost is possible! Dissertations proof reading cost is cheap, but it does not influence quality of work at all. We have said a lot about editing and proofreading, but what is the difference? Read Proofreading vs Editing post to figure it out.

Who needs editing services?

Editing services will be useful for everyone who deals with a text, beginning with advertising announcements, ending with literary works of different genres and thesis.

Features of editing work are different. Some editors are responsible for publishing. Others check scientific correctness of a text. Other ones are responsible for stylistics and grammar (read about English grammar changes). At the same time, subjects of texts can be absolutely various: male or female, entertaining or educational, youth or socio-political, etc.

Since we have quite wide experience of work with different materials, we work with different texts. This can be:

  • Literary works;
  • Journalism;
  • Scientific works: thesis, diploma works, web-content;
  • Business documents: presentations, advertising texts, commercial offers, etc.

We hope we have managed to prove that editors’ work is really significant. Cooperating with us everyone gets a chance to get perfect paper at cheap price. We just want to make our clients satisfied providing them with excellent service in academic papers sphere. Make wise choice right now! We will gladly work with you!

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