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Choice of a website, online services, team of professionals, whom written paper can be entrusted to, is a really serious matter. It becomes especially serious when it goes about academic works and college papers. Naturally, any site can claim that its services are the best, its quality is superior and there is nothing better on the internet. However, not everyone is ready to prove it. We do not make “ipse dixit”. We are ready and can prove high quality and professionalism of our work. There is no need to say much. Numbers speak for themselves. Experts of our service have already executed more than three thousand orders, we have more than two and a half thousand customers, and now we are processing more than three and a half thousand papers. Not each online service can present such impressive results. It all means that our professionals provide real expert services and assistance in college written works sphere. It also means that professional editing is affordable with us. Of course, we care a lot about our clients. That is why now we are going to discuss the way many modern editors work and why it can be dangerous. Read presented material and make correct conclusions.

Where to find a good editor? Whether it is worth editing a text?

This article is for those who are looking for answers to these and other questions. No, really, this problem is serious. Everyone knows that process of a written text preparation for printing includes following obligatory stages: proof reading, editing, correction, page-proofs, etc. If someone believes that an editor will carefully fix all stylistic flaws, errors and mismatching left in a final variant of a text, then we should say that this opinion is a little bit erroneous. An editor is not omnipotent person, who can take a magic wand and turn a “raw” unfinished text into a masterpiece, or at least into something readable. Just look trough several websites and probably there will be mistakes in published texts. Whose faults is it, an editor’s?

Modern editors: what are they?

Let’s begin with the fact that today’s editors implement not exactly the same functions, which editors used to fulfill about twenty years ago, before era of free book publishing began. Modern editor is not going to sit with an author making clear conception of a work and trying to figure out ideas of a text, so that an editor could feel deeply the subject and later offer some additional options of a work changing, improvement or development. Likely, it does not concern our professionals. Editing college papers, experienced experts use individual approach to each client, taking into consideration all personal requirements. Commerce made the process of publishing automated. From the moment of giving author’s text to a publishing house till the moment of book appearing in stores a strictly defined period passes (if interested, read about how to make easy book proofreading). Any delay means loss of profit. In such conditions editor’s work becomes purely mechanical (as well as work of many authors). Having got written papers for two weeks, for example, an editor does not have a chance to get acquainted with text to feel author’s style, of course, if it is present. Editor opens first page and starts correction what seems wrong to him. Usually, editors follow rules of elementary school grammar. For example, a sentence should contain subject and predicate; it is better to avoid repetitions and cognates in short parts of text; words should be used in their direct meaning only, etc. However, language is so much deep and powerful that usually it breaks such rules.

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The most terrifying thing is that because of above mentioned approach, as a rule, good texts suffer. If a text is initially bad, it is hard to make it worse. Meanwhile, good talented text may be turned into absolutely “polished” faceless text. It is hard to blame editor for this. Editors usually work under strict conditions of time trouble, and unfortunately, they often deal with “direct, languid and helpless” texts, which regardless of editing look same. “A hand with a pencil” works almost automatically.

Papers processed by editor

It can be interesting to look through written text processed by editor. At first there is a very dense revision, in almost each paragraph at least several words are corrected, sometimes phrases are rebuilt or whole sentences are crossed out. Closer to the middle of work remarks become fewer. And in the end there are almost no changes at all. It means that only having reached the end of work, an editor finally understood text and realized that there are elements, which may look like mistakes, but they are not in fact, according to author’s style or intention. However, first part of a text is already “damaged”. An editor just does not have time to come back to beginning to make necessary changes, because there is deadline.

Imagine following situation: an editor receives a perfect text, in which each single word, each punctuation mark is on its place (read about punctuation importance here: What are editor’s actions? It will be a mistake to believe that a text will be transferred to publishing house with a note that it does not require editing. Thought, ideally it should happen so. However, any professional editor will take a pen and starts to edit. He may change positions of some words, divide one big sentence into two, or vise versa, combine two short sentences into one, search for synonyms of words, which do not suit much. In general, an editor will edit a text anyway. Publisher need to see that a text is revised and changed, otherwise there is no sense to publish such text, consequently, there is no sense to pay such an editor.

What do we finally have?

Sometimes it can not only senseless but also dangerous to hope that an editor will finalize a “raw” text instead of its author. However, there is a good saying: “Who does not take risks, does not drink champagne”. Search and choice of an editor is a quite serious matter, so college essay editing service should be selected carefully. Any author, having finished a text, can lay it aside for a while and later come back to it having “fresh mind and sight”. Then, look at it again and again. An author may edit his (hers) work until it looks almost perfectly, as if professional has worked on it. Also, talking about book publishing, an author can go to a publishing house and agree to publish his (hers) text as it is, i.e. in author's edition.

Now it is high time to ask how mistakes manage to get into text. It may happen even after the most careful revision. Editor’s eye “looses sharpness” and sees not what is written, but what supposed to be written (read more about human editing vs online grammar checkers here: In this case editor takes full responsibility for mistakes. Fortunately, such situations do not happen in work of our editors. This is already proved by thousands of written works, years of experience, high reputation on the market and many satisfied customers. We have a hope that now it is easier to look at papers editing sites soberly, thus, it is easier to choose a really good and reliable service. Now you know that we offer quality and results. So, wondering “which service to edit my paper should I prefer?”, the most appropriate option is assistance of our qualified expert team. Make it sure that we are worth being trusted and order one of our services.

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