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Distance education: what is the employers’ attitude?

Today every sane person realizes the importance and necessity of higher education. If about twenty years ago not everyone could get it, nowadays, in our modern world, every second person is a certified specialist. There is more, the rating of distance education rapidly increases; it can be got remotely, using the limitless opportunities of the World Wide Web and scientific and technical progress. Such a method of higher education getting is relatively new, innovating, and this is the reason why many students and prospective employers treat it with suspicion. In order to get used to it at least a little bit, it is important to realize what distance education means, what advantages and disadvantages of this educational method are.

Distance education essence

Distance education is a kind of education that can be got remotely, using innovative technologies of pedagogy. It is necessary to specify it at once that a student has the colossal opportunity to keep in touch with professors (unlike extramural studies, when students meet with their professors twice a year). In short, studying remotely, with the help of world web it becomes possible to ask the professors different questions, ask for advice, insist on commenting on a particular discipline, get valuable recommendations and individual educational plan. So the internet widens the borders, and aspiration along with ambitions help not only grow personally but also become a certified specialist after finishing an educational course.

Using this system of progressive education, a student actively uses modern computer programs, innovative methods of pedagogy, inexhaustible internet resources, and modern telecommunications. Naturally, no one forbids visiting the library and taking books for individual education, but the need for such visits is very seldom.

If the form of education is chosen, university and specialty are defined, and the program of education is available remotely, then, a virtual student gets the following opportunities:

• reference abstract on compulsory subjects;

• round-the-clock access to the university electronic library (by the way, our website support team is also day-and-night available);

• progressive tutorial on distance education;

• detailed didactic material for independent work;

• methodological recommendations, communication with the teachers.

Consequently, having the unhindered access to the thematic database, a student independently defines the pace of education getting, assesses his (hers) strengths and abilities, and supposes the final result. For example, over the past year, external studies are very popular because they allow speeding up the acquisition of higher education remotely.

Distance education advantages

Many students do not trust much to such a progressive decision and prefer to spend 4 years to get the desired diploma. However, the progress is merciless and distance education gains more and more followers. There is no wonder because this educational methodology has many significant advantages, which facilitate greatly the life of a modern student. At once, we want to emphasize the following points:

  • Flexible schedule of studying, when a student can plan his (hers) free time, harmonically combine work with rest and studies;
  • Independent setting of educational pace, when a student, considering his (hers) strengths and abilities, gains new knowledge at a faster pace, in order to get the desired diploma more quickly;
  • Remoteness from university, i.e. those who live in a province can get the education in a capital, and at the same time, comes to the capital several times only;
  • Wide list of future professions, i.e. remotely you can get the education on a specialty that previously seemed impossible to get but you wanted it very much;
  • Financial benefit, when a student minimizes the costs, excluding accommodation in a dormitory, transport expenses, and related financial issues (if you think about how to save more money on professional editing services, we offer the lowest dissertation editing cost on the web:;
  • Possibility to get the education at home, i.e. without leaving the family, job, home, in general;
  • Individual educational plan is adjusted to the interests of a particular student, and if there are any questions, it is possible to get advice in detail at once online;
  • Improvement of self-education skills, an appearance of sociability and flexibility in solving any questionable situations;
  • Distance education mobility is recognized all over the world;
  • Absence of psychological barriers in communication with people or in oratory skills.

So it is always useful to get distance education. Besides, there are perspectives that will always help to get a good job. However, there is another side, which should also be discussed.

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Disadvantages of distance education

Since modern society can be characterized as conservative, it is hard to insert something new. People have used standard education and consider that all other methods are false or give nothing. This is the trouble because not all students are ready to participate in progress.

Among other disadvantages are the following:

In short, not all students can adapt quickly to the new method of knowledge gaining. Some of them quit this idea at all, considering distance education too difficult for perception. In fact, this is a subjective opinion. If you try to figure out, you will succeed. And with the help of our proficient college thesis editing service 100% success is guaranteed.

Distance education opportunities

Despite the fact that education is remote, it opens new opportunities for students, which they can use at any age. These are:

• Master's studies;

• higher education;

• second higher education;

• distance learning of a foreign language;

• training in the MBA program;

• advanced training on specialized courses;

• participation in virtual training;

• getting school and secondary specialized education.

So this innovative method proves the statement “Live and learn!”. Besides, home education has legal force, expands opportunities and provides expanded knowledge in all spheres of life.

Employers’ opinion

Today the attitude to distance education is ambivalent: some employers doubt the qualification of such a certified specialist, others, on the contrary, welcome the craving for knowledge of their employees. If we look at it objectively, distance education is the joy and use for an employer. For those, who have not understood its advantages yet, it is worth emphasizing the following points:

1. An employee studies in free from work time does not take academic leave, does not miss work days because of studies. Studying issues can take much less time with our quick English proofreading service.

2. Diploma got remotely also has legal force, so there is the real possibility to become a certified specialist without leaving a job.

3. If a worker gets distance education, he (she) is considered perspective. An employer looks more attentively at him (her), and when a degree is obtained, a worker can undertake more responsibility and be promoted.

4. An employer may not indulge a virtual student because he (she) should study only in free from work time.

5. There is no need to pay for academic leave, and it means fewer expenses for an employer.

So distance higher education is profitable and perspective for all, and very soon many employers will realize the value of such employees, virtual students.

Financial side of the issue

Distance education is an always paid form of training, which not all universities provide. Since it is always paid, you will need an editing and proofreading service for little money, which is available on our site. However, many universities have it and it is already much popular. This is a profitable alternative that allows you to get a higher education, save your family budget, and secure a promising future. The price policy completely depends on the educational institution and the rating of the educational methodology, which will be used to get a new specialty. The prices are affordable, and it is necessary to find out exact figures directly at the higher education establishments. Anyway, it is much more profitable to get a higher education in such a way, and the diplomas of distance education universities are equal to the diplomas of ordinary universities.

Thesis editing rates that you can easily afford

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