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It happens that essay writer have to rewrite their works due to different reasons. For example, there is found plagiarism, lots of mistakes, not logical way of thoughts presentation and so on. Of course, no one likes and wants to redo something, whatever it is, especially when it goes about written paper. That is why we offer you our professional services on essay rewriting. Experts of our Essay Corrector website will proofread, edit and rewrite your paper in short terms and at a reasonable price. Entrust us your paper and we will manage remove all the faults and do it really original and of high quality. Text rewritten by our specialists will be highly evaluated and will get the best grade.

It is not necessary at all to be a great writer to build good essay. Essay creation is a creative process. If this process will be divided into steps, stages and operations, instead of one big mysterious process, you will manage to turn essay building into a pretty simple task. You can use method of brainstorming to define the main ideas, to write them down in a draft and later polish it turning it in such a way into an essay of high quality.

For any person essay rewriting is not the most pleasant task to do. So if you do not want to rewrite your essay, use the tips given further by the specialists of our Essay Corrector online service. If you are wondering “Will these tips help me to avoid to rewrite my essay?”, the answer is definitely yes. Read and let them help you in the process of paper writing.

How to create a good written paper?

Essay creation is art, which any person needs to master, especially those who study at any type of educational establishment. Now our professional paper writers are going to share with you useful information, schemes and strategies of essay building. These simple rules will help in writing of all types of essay paper, as well as in creation of other kinds of written works.

Plan it

Everyone probably knows that good paper is impossible to build well without plan. At the same time it should not be too big and extended, because it will be just a waste of time. We definitely do not need this, do not we? Here it is required to formulate a thesis, i.e. the major argument. It is also important to follow that each paragraph has relation to the subject of an essay ( When we look at plan, we should not be distracted by less important details. In such a way it helps to focus at the most important.

During plan building, do not forget about five “wh?”. What does it mean? Having defined the subject and your attitude to it, you need to set five simple questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? Answer to each of them will become an argument or an example for your main thesis.

Effective strategy of essay creation

If it happens that you feel pressure of time limits, you will have not any single minute for improvisation or “invention of the wheel”. Essay requires to be ready to write it. Consequently, you need to develop your own strategy and order of steps that will allow you to cope with the task as quickly as possible. We can advise you the following strategy:

Set a question. This is the easiest and the most effective way to figure out in the essay subject by yourself. In case when topic of an essay is already given in the form of question, then the task is to read the question attentively and think over your answer.

Formulate a thesis. In this case, thesis is a clear answer to the set question. There should not be “it can be like this, or it can be like that…”. To be able to prove your opinion, you need to figure out first of all what your opinion is.

Create introductory part. Here we use correct words, so that your reader could understand the content of your essay. We attract attention and make others interested.

Prove your opinion. The fact that you have formed a good thesis does not make it correct yet. You just demonstrate that you believe in it, but the readers need to see grounding. Use the “rule of three” – to prove one thesis you need to present at least three main arguments. Add to each argument another three proving ideas. Thus you will have nine sentences total. Remember that arguments should be ordered from the weakest to the most powerful one.

Conclude. We have given grounding to our thesis, consequently it is correct.

You can never know what subject your next written paper may have. That is why you need to develop skill how to deal with any topic. To master it expert suggest such a technique: build essay plans to randomly chosen topics on the rate. Here it is not necessary to extend a text to hundreds of words. The most important is to automate the sequence of your actions.

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Brief scheme of written paper

The most minimalistic form of paper should include five paragraphs. They are:

Introductory paragraph. We use it to speak about how we are going to answer the set question.

Arguments that prove thesis.

Arguments against thesis. The second and the third paragraphs demonstrate that we are aware of the subject. We give considered response to the set question.

Main paragraph. We clearly express our view for or against the arguments and add our own unique thoughts. Also we support our opinion with quotations. It is important to express our mind skillfully (we write in simple words), logically (we think carefully our ideas) and orderly (one thought flows naturally out of another).

Conclusion. It is created on the basis of the main paragraph. This is generalization of the thoughts presented previously. Here we mention only the key points. There should not be any new idea or information.


You know that essay is not only your mind, but also quotations of other author that have relation to the subject. We use them to strengthen our position. Thus we show that suchlike opinion about the subject already exists and is supported by famous thinkers. At the same time it is really important to select quotations thoroughly and evaluate their meaning.

Use quotations to refer to an authoritative author. Quote something essential, unforgettable and original ( Before starting to argue with someone’s opinion, first you need to present it by giving quotation.

In order to use quotations correctly, we need to introduce it, i.e. we write a sentence that logically connects quotation with the previous text, then we quote the source, and after that explain the essence of it and express our attitude to it. There are many ways of quotation presentation in a text. So you can choose the one that suits you more.

Tips on punctuation

  • Use comma if you give quotation in the form of incomplete sentence.
  • Use colon if you give full sentence or insert it in your own sentence.
  • Use three dots if you purposely miss some elements of quotation.

Remember that while you write your paper, you need to be concentrated not to waste time, not to deviate from the subject and not to be forced to rewrite an essay eventually. Generate ideas for your paper on your own to make it unique and memorable. It should reflect your individual view. Also keep in mind that your written work should be properly structured:  mention what you are going to present (introductory part), express your ideas (in three paragraphs at least), and summarize what you have just presented (conclusion part).

Using these strategies, as well as other knowledge on written papers creation, you will manage to be highly appreciated and get the highest grade. In case if you face any difficulty, contact our team and our experts will help you to overcome it and present paper of high quality.

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