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We are glad to greet you on our website. First, we want to tell you a little about us and our activities. Our online agency is a competent grammar editor that provides numerous services related to professional academic writing. If you are an entrant, we will help you with an admission essay. If you are a senior, we can assist with thesis creation. If you are a graduate, we can edit a resume paper for you. In general, we do student written assignments, check their writing, and let students enjoy their free time and carefree life.

What is more, we are glad that you are reading this post because you will learn much useful information from it. One of the questions that we are going to answer is how to choose a higher educational establishment after graduation from school. The very first question that arises is “what university or college, or another establishment to choose” because there are so many types of educational establishments today that offer educational services. What do you need to pay attention to, first of all? Prestige? The cost of education? Students’ testimonials? Or something else? In order to systematize all the information on this issue and give you a simple and clear way of educational establishment selection, we have written this post. So, read carefully and choose wisely. Also, there are many online agencies that offer academic writing services, and you need to be careful when you choose the one to cooperate with. In any case, you can always trust our experts.

How to choose a higher educational establishment?

Most entrants until the last moment cannot decide on the place where they want to study when they finish school. The next step is usually very stressful for most of them. One stressful situation follows right after another one: first, they pass final exams at school, and then, they face another stress, which is to enter university or college. The next question is where to apply the documents? When you have a goal (i.e. a particular university/college you want to enter), there is less bother, in comparison with the situation when the goals are several (i.e. several universities). This is a kind of diversification, which on the one hand, leads to making more efforts, but on the other hand, reduces the risks of failure to enter. You will never be afraid of such a failure if you choose college admission essays editing on our website.

Still, up to our mind, such a diversification is necessary. Due to this reason, it is allowed applying the documents to several different educational establishments. In this case, it is necessary to decide on the list of prospective higher educational establishments. In order to make the most optimal and maximally wise choice, it is necessary to take into consideration several criteria. You can create the list of criteria on your own if you want. We just want to present to you the examples of criteria, which we believe should be considered when you select a university/college.

Correct choice algorithm

When we select the criteria, it is necessary to give each criterion its weight so that in total all criteria would have the weight equal to 1. The weight shows the significance of a criterion for you. After that, in front of each criterion (except its weight), it is necessary to put your assessment, i.e. the number of points. The assessment shows the conformity of a university/college with the given criterion.

Probably, you have not understood much. It is difficult to comprehend written information at once. But do not worry. Keep on reading and we shall explain to you everything clearly. Taking the opportunity, we want to remind that if you need an assignment proofreading service, we are there for you 24/7. And for now, we want to present you the algorithm of correct choice.

Correct choice algorithm:

1. Determining criteria.

2. Setting the weight for every criterion.

3. Putting assessment for every criterion.

4. Getting total assessment for every educational establishment.

5. Looking at the final results and choosing three winners.

Before you start choosing a university/college, you need to make up the list of the places where you would like to study or where your familiars want to enter. Although almost no one knows in advance where wants to study, probably, most entrants have the list of establishments, for which they want to apply. Our task is to shorten your list to three universities/colleges so that you could make the eventual choice on where to study. Thus, we can add to the algorithm a “zero step”, which is making up the list of prospective educational establishments. Finally, our list will have the following look:

0. Making up the list of prospective educational establishments (or check out our list:

1. Determining criteria.

2. Setting the weight for every criterion.

3. Putting assessment for every criterion.

4. Getting total assessment for every educational establishment.

5. Looking at the final results and choosing three winners.

We shall use this algorithm further. We are going to base on it when we give a specific example of how to choose a university/college.

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How to choose: making the choice correctly!

So let’s not shelve and proceed to our algorithm. We shall not speak about zero step: you just write the list of your prospective universities/colleges and that is it. The first algorithm step is “determining criteria”. Okay, let’s determine the criteria.

1. Determining criteria. In order not to complicate your life and make the result as much objective as possible, we would suggest that you take five criteria as an example. When you create your own list of criteria, you can take them as many as you want, ten or even more. The most important is not the number of criteria but their real necessity in the process of assessment.

Our list is as follows:

1) cost of study and accommodation;

2) testimonials of students;

3) location;

4) prestige of educational establishment;

5) infrastructure of a university/college (dormitory, gym, library).

Why have we selected these criteria? We relied on personal experience. You can rely on your personal experience or any other assumptions. We want to emphasize this once again: this is just an example that should help you make your own choice.

In order to make the process more convenient, you can draw a table, in which you write your list of prospective universities and criteria. So draw your table. When the criteria are determined and the list of universities/colleges is ready, the next step is to assess each of them.

2. Weighing each criterion. What is the weight? The weight, in this case, is the significance of every criterion for you. For instance, if it matters to you that your future educational establishments should be prestigious, you give more weight to this criterion (0,5). If it does not matter where it is located, logically, the criterion “location” gets a small weight (0,1). The only thing you need to keep in mind is that all weights in total should be equal to 1.

We want to remind that you put the weights on your own, being led by the rule “the bigger the weight is, the more significant this criterion is”. Have you drawn a table and put the weights? Good job! We have almost finished. Now you need just to assess every university/college by each criterion, multiply the weight by the assessment points and get the final result. So let’s proceed with step 3 of our algorithm.

3. Assessing every criterion. Naturally, now you need to assess every educational establishment from your list. The assessment shows how much a particular establishment corresponds to one or another criterion. We shall use the scale from 1 to 5. When everything is assessed, you proceed to the final step, which is to calculate the sum for each establishment and, thus, choose three of the most suitable universities/colleges for you. By the way, we also have our own list of universities and schools that are very suitable for our today’s post:

4. Getting the sum for each establishment. You will need to count a little bit at this stage. It will not be difficult. Just take a calculator and have five minutes of patience. How to count? In order to get the final sum, you need to multiply the criterion weight by the assessment points of an establishment. Then, you need to add up the numbers got. When you find the sum for each university/college, you will get your three winners.

Some of you will think, for sure, something like: “This is too complicated. I am too lazy to count”. We perfectly understand you. However, allocate some time and think about where you want to study. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will choose the best university or college for you, with the help of this method. Nevertheless, we ask you to think well before you make an application for any educational establishment. There are so many people who waste their time, studying the specialty they are not interested in. Study what and where you like. Do not pay attention to what others say: this is your life! Prove them all that you are an independent person and a high achiever. It will not be hard because we are going to assist you: our online service can do papers perfect and demonstrate to everyone that you are a smart and diligent student.

We have made an attempt to tell you about how to choose a higher educational establishment. We hope it will be useful for you at least somehow. We wish you to enter and study what you really want. Believe us: dreams come true! Everything is going to be great! Everything will be great, for sure, if you enlist the support of our specialists.

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