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How to use the cheat sheets?

This is an extremely curious question, taking into consideration that the studying process is not possible without these invisible advisers, in the cases of emergency. Recollecting our student life, we can say that we have written the cheat sheets for many times but we have used them not often, or even very seldom, to be more exact. Maybe, there was not enough quickness, maybe, “fear has many eyes”…

Anyway, the fact is obvious: many students wonder how to reach out a cheat sheet not to let others notice it and use it, in front of a teacher during an exam. This is what we want to discuss, in detail. Besides, this is the topic that interests the modern generation that obtains higher education. Another issue that interests the students is a good essay editing proofreading service.

So, many people can say that a cheat sheet is a needless written sheet of paper, which turns into useless and even harmful, in the emergency cases. In fact, it is not like that at all. This is the real art to be able to use a cheat sheet at the right moment. And this is the art that not every student is capable of. By the way, the most capable dissertation editor online is waiting on our site. However, such an unofficial hint has its advantages as well as the obvious disadvantages, about which it is necessary to know, when you start preparing for an exam.

1. As the psychologists say, when we write a cheat sheet, the visual and motor memory is involved, i.e. a student willingly memorizes most of the written material. In such a way, not making too much effort, creating a cheat sheet, a student can memorize most of the learned material and information reflected on a paper.

2. At the exams, very often, the students experience a deep stress feeling and forget information, which they have learned so much well the day before. The trick is that, having looked at a cheat sheet, a student can refresh the memories and correct the answers to the exam questions.

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3. A cheat sheet, being handled wisely, allows a student to get an excellent grade. The most important is to hide it carefully and use it at the right moment. Even a student, who is not prepared at all, having such a written by hand adviser, can surprise the teachers with the maximal awareness and deep knowledge of a subject at an exam. With the assistance of our essay proofreader online site, you will amaze them more.

4. Many students write the cheat sheets just to be more confident and never use them at the exams. This is a kind stability because they know they have something to look at, in case of emergency. This brings not only the confidence in oneself and one’s knowledge but also the inner calm that an exam will be passed successfully. Here is a post for your greater success:

5. A cheat sheet is an old good tradition, which is passed from one student generation to another. That is why it is extremely important to use such a traditional hint, at least once in your student life. For instance, a student can use it for the sake of curiosity or excitement, or just because of being unprepared for an exam. The best English proofreading service will help you be 100% prepared.

6. Many teachers, being aware of the student’s ignorance of some subject, encourage the cheat sheet writing because they believe this is colossal work, which deserves a positive grade.

Now it becomes clear why many modern students so much often use these forbidden hints, and they are not afraid to risk at an exam of the strictest teachers. Some individuals cannot imagine their life without the cheat sheets at all. Anyway, the main task during the preparation time is not just to create a hint and hide it thoroughly, so that even the most highly qualified specialists cannot discover it at an exam.

Why is it not worth writing the cheat sheets?

However, along with the cheat sheet benefit, there are several obvious harmful features, such as a bad grade and total disappointment of a teacher in a budding student. What are the drawbacks of this art? And how can they influence the further academic performance? If you wonder whether it is worth using an editing website, we already have the answer:

1. The unskillful use of the cheat sheets at an exam can make even the calmest teacher irritated. Thus, an exam can be finished earlier and a student’s grade will not be good, naturally.

2. The extreme stress conditions and nervousness can play a cruel joke on a student. For instance, a student takes a wrong cheat sheet and it causes the wrong answers and many additional questions, which a student would like not to have at all.

3. Since all cheat sheets are based on the manuals and books, the teachers will quickly recognize a “smart” student because there is nothing easier than to distinguish the “amateur thoughts” from the “classic quotations”. The teachers know all of that by heart. By the way, here are the key points of book proofreading, if you are interested in it.

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4. Even an unused at an exam cheat sheet can seriously aggravate an already tense situation, if it falls out of the sleeve at the most inopportune moment, in front of a teacher. After that, it will be very difficult to prove something to the teacher, and a bad grade is almost guaranteed.

5. The students that have the cheat sheets behave nervously and fussily, attracting unnecessary for them attention. The teachers are alarmed by such activity and they keep an eye on such students.

6. If other students know you have a cheat sheet, they will not leave you alone at an exam, asking to share the “magic adviser” with them and distracting you from the responsible task that you have at the moment.

Thus, we can see two different minds on this issue: some students consider the cheat sheets their rescue, meanwhile, others believe that this is a bad sign and a harbinger of failure. Nevertheless, you should not be led by others, when it goes about something like this, but choose your own subjective position and follow it, in the studying process.

Where to hide a cheat sheet?

If your final decision is to write a cheat sheet and take it to an exam, then, it is important to hide it carefully. But you need to hide it in such a way that it will be easy to take it out, when necessary. This is the key to success, which guarantees a good grade and a good mood for a long time. Another key to success is our online editor service.

There are many “hiding-places” on the student’s body and in the clothes. You just need to use your imagination and creative thinking that will allow you to outwit even the most experienced teacher. If you experience some difficulties about this, you can use the tested methods of the experienced seniors.

1. A cheat sheet can be hidden in a pocket. Someone can say that this is banal and primitive but it is not, in fact. A teacher is sure that a student will never use such a place to hide a cheat sheet and will not pay attention to your pockets. A smart student can take advantage of it. Take advantage of the college thesis editing service, as well.

2. The female students can put a cheat sheet in the décolletage zone because a male teacher, even if discover it, will feel shy to disclose this “discovery” publicly.

3. Traditionally, the students hide their “advisers” in a sleeve, where the back of the hand is. It helps use them at the right moment, when a teacher does not suspect anything.

4. The books, notebooks, pens, chairs, desks and so on are not good hiding-places, so, it would be better to look for some other safer place. If you need a safe online editor, we have something to offer:

5. A cheat sheet can be put in your palm but it is necessary to make it really small. This is the most convenient method that allows you to stay unnoticed at an exam.

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6. A cheat sheet can be twisted and hidden in a belt of your pans (jeans, skirt, or whatever else). However, in this case, it is required to remember what cheat sheet on what subject exactly is hidden there. Otherwise, you risk confusing everything and be caught by a teacher at an exam. Fortunately, our term paper editing service never allows confusion, so, it is easy to rely on it.

7. The blanks of the answers are considered to be a perfect option. For this purpose, you need to write the cheat sheets on the white A4 size sheets, pressing the pen firmly, so that the letters become seen on the white paper. At the right moment, you need to replace the examination paper with your prepared blank and use it as intended. By the way, if needed, we have a qualified research paper editor for you.

In practice, the modern students are the great dreamers and craftsmen. So, there is no problem to make up a really extraordinary cheat sheet, especially, when the further study depends on it.

The opinion of the teachers and students

In general, the teachers and students share the same mind that the cheat sheets are the integral part of school life that gradually turns into university life. Sometimes, it seems that some students know how to use them since childhood, and the desire to use them appears at school.

The teachers also cannot deny the importance of such written hints. In addition, they share the mind “innocent until proven guilty”, i.e. if a student is not caught with a cheat sheet, everything is okay. However, do not follow the stereotype, observe the teacher’s behavior during the studying process to draw conclusions about his (hers) attitude to the students at an exam. If an examiner is categorical, it is better to spend time and prepare well. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting a bad grade. If you see there is a chance to use a cheat sheet, why not use it, then. Especially now, when you know how to use them correctly. By the way, there is a direct way to success: It is high time to start preparing for the exams. You possess all required knowledge of how to use the cheat sheets. So, take advantage of it and have good luck!

Preparation for the exams is a serious matter. Even if you decide to write the cheat sheets, you will need much time, anyway. Time is luxury nowadays. Luckily, this is the luxury, which we have and will gladly share with you. You say “Proof my paper”, we reply “Done”. We will do any of your written assignments quickly, professionally and at the cheapest prices possible, of course. Our team of writers does its best to perform the best quality work for you. The flexible payment system makes the process even more pleasant. You can benefit more and we will tell how, just email us or use the live chat to contact us more quickly.

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