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Do you want to demonstrate excellent academic performance? Do you want to get the high grades only and be praised by your teachers? Make it happen with the help of our online service. We can do any task related to the academic field for you. If you need essay corrector online, here you can get help with the written assignments, presentations, speech creation, etc. We guarantee our customers not only the outstanding results but also offer the lowest prices and follow the complete privacy policy. Also, we give the money-back guarantee. So, you are secured, in any possible way. In addition, we want to share the secrets of what reasons can influence your academic performance negatively.

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Within this post, we will tell about the main reasons for bad academic performance at school or university. There is no secret that many schoolchildren and students, to say the least, study not very well. However, some of them want to improve their performance, for example, because their parents promise them some reward for good grades. By the way, there is another way to improve your performance, which is to upgrade your college paper with our help.

Poor performance: why?

Even when there is some motivation, it is not that easy to get good grades. In order to raise your performance to a higher level, you need to make the analysis of your studies. The analysis should answer the main question: what does prevent me from studying better and getting higher grades? If you find the reason (why you study bad), then, the solution (how to fix the situation) will also come soon. As a rule, most scholars have the same reasons for their poor performance. Although all people are different, the root cause of all misery and suffering is the certain group of reasons, which have some negative influence on your academic success. In order to give you a better idea of this, we are going to present three most widespread reasons for the poor academic performance of students and schoolchildren.

Three reasons for poor academic performance at school and university

1. The absence of desire to learn. Not so many scholars have the strong desire to get new knowledge and study hard. Such a philosophy has its grounding. Many modern schoolchildren believe that the age of studying has already passed because today we can get almost any information from the Internet. That is why there is no need to waste your best years on sitting with the books, at the classes, etc. However, such an approach to studying often influences negatively one’s adult life. If required, we have some book proofreading hints published on the blog.

The absence of desire to learn is not terrible Itself, at least, a person can carry out a job that does not require some special knowledge. Another thing is terrible. If a person does not have the desire to study, the studying process will be probably replaced by something else. What is the studying process from the point of view of socialization? A study is the systematic process of new knowledge-getting. Here you need to pay attention to the word “systematic”.

When you study something, you act systematically, i.e. you do not dispel your attention and efforts right and left. You hit a particular point all the time. Students realize it perfectly when nothing is done yet and a term paper should be presented in three days. Time cannot be returned and there is no right to waste it any longer. If a person does not have the desire to study but has the great desire to replace this process with others occupations, then, in most cases, this person acts fragmentary and impulsively. For example, a man starts occupying with something he likes, in some time, he stops liking it and stops doing it, beginning to deal with something else, and so on. In such a way, suchlike person cultivates a philosophy “if I do not like it, I do not do it”.

This philosophy clings firmly to his head. Later, he starts working, and as soon as something does not satisfy him at his workplace, he quits without doubts and starts looking for another place to get employed. Such “jumpers” wander about their life, jumping from one workplace to another one, looking for the better life, so-called “dolce vita”. Look at the circle of your friends and familiars and you will find such people among them. How did it all start? That is right: there has not been the desire to study. We hope now you realize why this reason for poor academic performance is at the first place: first of all, it is the most widespread, and second of all, it is very dangerous in the long run.

Posts that bring benefit:

2. The confidence in so-called “secure future”. Tell us, please, why the son of a billionaire needs to study. He has absolutely everything: money, fame, different opportunities (both, material and abstract). There is no need, is not it? So, why do the parents of wealthy children send them to the best schools ( Why do they “torture” their loved ones? The point is that adequate people (i.e. those, who have earned their wealth legally) realize clearly that the absence of resistance, beginning with the early age, will lead to the degradation of personality. When a person gets everything, in the twinkling of an eye, what problems there can be…

However, the world is not organized like this. Only a person, who can struggle, survives in it. Only those, who have passed the hardships of studying, competitions, training, self-education, etc., can expect to get the deserved high result, in the future. Parents-multimillionaires realize it and that is why they take their children out of paradise and “put them in a cauldron full of hot steel”. In practice, children of really wealthy people grow up and become pretty successful people, who are ready to continue the business of their father or mother. By the way, such people are very literate, so it would be useful for you to read this post:

Now, let us consider a more typical example. If someone has a “rich daddy”, as they say, most likely, he is not a billionaire. The whole business of such people is entirely dependent on many factors. And it means that today a person can be on the top but tomorrow can turn into a bankrupt. That is why you should never rely on a “rich daddy”, who can become a very poor person with a lot of debts, in a day. Due to this fact, so-called “secure future” causes many doubts. You should secure your future on your own. As the saying goes: “God helps those who help themselves”. Also, secure yourself, using our free essay editor.

In fact, this is the continuation of the reason #1, in particular, the absence of desire to learn. The desire works real wonders both, in a positive and negative way.

3. The weak abilities to learn. This reason for poor academic performance is less frequent but it really exists. There is not such a person that can absorb information in any field of knowledge well. Moreover, there is not such a person that can study based on the classical scheme of education and some other its kind equally well. Nevertheless, the educational systems of most countries work based on a single scheme. And no one asks whether you want to study, whether you can or cannot. Everyone has to study according to the accepted educational system.

The “learned men” who create the educational programs are aware of such a problem, but they can do nothing about it. If we start creating an individual program for everyone, a state will not have enough money for it. So, what to do, if the modern educational system does not fit you? To tolerate, endure and learn, getting the low grades? Stop tolerating this! The modern world is amazing with the fact that an alternative way out can be found in almost any sphere. And education is not an exception.

We have already written it, in our previous posts, that one of the alternative ways of getting education is to watch the teaching video courses. Today, you can find information of any kind. Naturally, there are many materials about classical education. Maybe, such a format of studying (with a personal tutor at home, in fact) will suit you more than standard secondary or higher education.

We have presented you three main reasons for poor academic performance. Let us list them again:

1) the absence of desire to learn;

2) the confidence in “secure future”;

3) the weak abilities to learn.

Concerning the last reason, we have given the recommendations about how it can be solved. We will tell how to get the desire to study, in one of the following posts. In order to learn it first, visit our site more often. Now you are aware of three poor performance reasons. Just try to avoid them and you will succeed in studies sooner. Another way to become successful at school and university and to become an “A” student is to apply to the pro for help. Being supported by the experts, you get the best results, what guarantees you the highest grades. Making an order on our website and using our services, our clients are guaranteed to get the total security, easy and fast academic help from the MBA and PhD writers. Moreover, we can promise to meet the shortest deadlines and deliver the urgent orders within 12 and 24 hours. Meeting the deadline and on-time delivery is one of the main rules! Try it all on your own. As they say, it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

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