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Why university studying is not for everyone

This time we are going to discuss the necessity of a higher education. Times change and today it has become the norm of life to have a higher education diploma. When our parents were young, it was really prestigious to get a higher education and not everyone could afford it. Nowadays, on the contrary, it is considered that every person has to have a higher education, and there is no big deal about this.

The times really change, but it is interesting why modern youth does not strive for knowledge much and often treats studying at the university with scepticism. The question is eternal, and almost everyone has its own excuse. Nevertheless, whatever nice words someone uses to explain his (hers) absence of desire to study, there is the answer that works for all: narrowness (narrow-mindedness), irresponsibility, and dull existence.

Today there is an opinion that university education is not for all. But why? They say that the most important is the desire. According to the statistics, most people consider that the job and decent income are their priorities, and not the higher education getting.

Opinion of young people about the modern university education

There are people who have decided not to go to the university and feel great now, we must admit. Their outlook may seem a little bit weird but it has the right to exist, just like any other opinion.

  • The first one justifies the absence of a higher education with financial problems in the family. The education requires much money so it is better to start working at once rather than spending money on who knows what, according to his (hers) mind. Money issue should not worry you much because you can find an online editor at a low rate on our site that will help you with your written assignments and studies, in general.
  • The second one claims that there is no sense to waste four years to get a higher education, to take little money, and be someone's subordinate. In this case, the reason is money again. But why no one looks at the perspective because everybody begins with something small and later achieves significant success in career?
  • The third one decides that he (she) will not manage to study at the university because he (she) used to have poor performance at school. It means that university knowledge is something he (she) will never manage to gain. This is a very arguable statement because school performance does not necessarily define your future progress. In order not to have poor performance, we would advise you to use essay proofreading and editing services provided by the experts in the academic writing field.

The general conclusion that we can draw from these three cases is the lack of will or the fear. Unfortunately, modern youth without higher education is a kind of rare plankton, any small hardship does not make it stronger but may lead to panic or even hysteria.

Reasons for the absence of higher education

Today any school-leaver realizes that without a higher education it is hard to find a good job, and career growth is almost impossible. However, not all entrants become students, and there are some reasons for this.

Reason #1: finances. As it has been mentioned previously, the lack of money does not allow getting a higher education. In such a situation, many entrants decide not to enter university but find a job, arrange a private life, and do not want to change something later. Even if you are not going to enter university at all, for sure, you will have to deal with many other types of written works and documents. We are ready to assist you in this matter and offer you our trustful document editing, which makes you feel sure that your documents are fine.

Reason #2: family. There are boys and girls who become parents at a very young age so they do not think about further education. Girls start thinking about how to bring up a child, and boys need to care for sufficient income for a family.

Reason #3: traditions. Parents in some families believe that it is not necessary for their child to get a higher education and waste several years of life because he (she) will follow in the parents’ footsteps, anyway. Of course, family traditions should be kept and respected but at the same time, we should not live based on the vestiges of the past. Today’s university education is the real chance to occupy leading positions in the future. Besides, with the help of college thesis proofreading service online you will manage to finish university successfully and find a really good job that will secure your prosperous future.

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Reason #4: human factor. This is the category of young people who believe that they will not manage to cope with a higher education, in all possible meanings of this notion. They will find many excuses for their decision. The most important is to avoid entering university and spending there several years of torture. Unfortunately, such individuals really exist and they are pretty numerous among modern youth. Thus, modern society starts gradually degrading and this process becomes irreversible, judging by the attitude towards learning and education.

Reason #5: Lifetime bad luck. Whatever weird it may seem, there is such a unique category of people united by failures and life bad luck. It is difficult for such people not only to enter university but also to spend at least a day without unpleasant surprises. Even when it seems that they are pretty clever, whatever they start to do is doomed to failure and catastrophe. This is exactly what happens when they try to enter university… Do not get upset if something similar happens to you. You will fight any bad luck and achieve your goal with our professional support: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/admission-essay-editing-service-get-the-best-one-here.

Students have changed…

It often happens in student life that a student is expelled from the university in the middle or at the end of a semester. It usually happens because of laziness, negligence, and uncommunicativeness of a student. If you manage to enter university, this is the chance, which you need to hold tight because the second chance may occur never again. There are students who care much for their studying and hold it really tight, and there are those who are not able to resist the problems, or they suffer from their own disorganization in studies. If disorganization is one of your weaknesses, we can give several tips on how to overcome it at least in the relation of essay writing and editing: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/free-online-essay-editing-tips-how-to-edit-my-paper.

The reasons for expulsion can be the following:

1. Systematic absence at the classes;

2. Missing the classes without serious reasons;

3. Failed exams;

4. Poor academic performance;

5. Conflict with one (or several) of the teachers;

6. Unacceptable conduct at the university;

7. Willing expulsion.

Speaking about the last point, this may seem strange but there are such students who suddenly realize that they have chosen a wrong specialty, and they do not see their future in this direction. In such situations, a student willingly goes to the Dean's office and asks to expel him (her), or insists to be transferred to another department or another university. Such situations do not occur often but cause real admire at other students and teachers.

Higher education alternative

If a student fails to enter university, it does not mean that he (she) should forget about education. If you do not want to try to enter the next year, this year after leaving school is not lost yet. It is always possible to come to a compromise and get an education at some competent educational establishment.

The options are the following:

1. Boys can go to the army not to lose the whole year. After returning, they can make another attempt. By the way, this is a pretty good alternative.

2. Having failed university entrance exams, you can try to enter some other educational establishment. Having finished it, you can make another attempt to enter university, and this time it should be easier because you already have required knowledge.

3. Today there are many professional courses, the duration of which varies from 3 to 12 months. This is exactly the time till the next year so you can spend it in such a way. Besides, one more certificate will never be excessive.

4. Another good option is to be an extramural student. Maybe this is not exactly what you want but such form of education has its advantages and allows not wasting the whole year.

So if you have the desire, you will get an education and, in addition, will gain much life experience.

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Now it is clear why university studying is not for everyone and why many students are afraid of studenthood. The reasons and consequences are obvious. Your task is to make the right decision because your future life and career depend on it.

If you really want to enter university on your first attempt, you will definitely require expert advice and assistance. Our online service provides the necessary support in the academic writing field. Whatever you may need in this relation is available here online. The prices are affordable, and discounts are offered to every customer.

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