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All students perfectly know how much difficult it can be to create academic written works, among which essay is one of the most common types. They often spend many hours and days trying to build a really good essay. And sometimes it turns out that all the efforts were done in vain. An educator says that paper contains plagiarism, or there is wrong logic, incorrect wording, stylistics or whatever else. Of course, after such remarks the only thing a student can do is to reword an essay. Specialists of our college essay editor service Essay Corrector are also former students, so they perfectly know how much unpleasant such situations are. That is why we want to offer you our professional help in academic paper creation to rescue you from tortures connected with essay rewriting. To make lives of our customers easier, we present this essay on how to create academic written works correctly. Thus probably you will manage to escape from the need to rewrite your paper.

Before the beginning

1. Read the task carefully. It goes without saying that it is extremely important to understand what is expected from your written paper. What about the stylistics and subject issues, each educator has his own demands, which his students need to follow. So first of all, the task is to figure out what these demands are and keep them in mind all the time when you create your written work. You are free to discuss with your tutor any question that causes difficulties to you. Or there is another way out. You may use our professional online service, what is much faster, easier and requires just a couple of minutes of your time. Our supportive team is available any time of day and night. When you get a task to create any kind of academic paper, make sure that you have understood well the following points:

  • What is the goal of paper?
  • What is its subject?
  • What are the size requirements?
  • What should main tone be?
  • Is there a need to conduct research work?

Having answered these questions, there is a high chance that you will create a really good work and consequently you will not have to reword essay for thousand times.

2. Write down whatever comes to your mind or keep a journal to express some of your ideas in written form. When you undertake the first attempt to reveal the given subject, take a sheet of paper and make notes of everything you think. No one should see it, so do not be afraid or ashamed to express the thoughts and views that appear in your head. Later you will see what it will lead to.

We advise to notice everything during ten minutes without making breaks. Do not be shy to express your own opinion on a certain theme. Anyway, it is not a final result yet.

3. Try “cluster” or “circles” techniques. The support scheme is useful in case when you have generated a lot of ideas and now you do not know what to begin with. Take a sheet of paper or use a board to draw a scheme. Do not try to save space and use it as much as you need.

Write your subject in the middle and trace a circle. Let’s say your subject is “Romeo and Juliette”, so write it down and trace a circle. After that, make notes of the main ideas and thoughts on the topic around the central circle. Let’s say, “death of Juliette” or “family dissension” is something you want to pay attention to. Notice as much major ideas as you wish.

Around every thought make notes of more concrete questions. Begin to search for connections between them. Look whether some of the notes are repeated. Match the circles and combine them where they obviously have appropriate connection. Good paper is built according to the principle of major thoughts, and not in chronological or plot order. This scheme later will be used to shape your own major statements.

4. To structure your preliminary scheme, it would be great to create a plan. As soon as the main thoughts and arguments on subject are defined, you can build a plan on their basis, so that you could start working on a draft of your written paper. Use full sentences to connect your main paper components together.

5. Create thesis statement. The statement will control and direct all the stages of written work and it may be the only most essential element of paper building process. As a rule, the statement is an arguable point of view, which you are trying to present and reason in written work.

Thesis statement necessarily has to be arguable. If you write “Romeo and Juliette is a play created by Shakespeare”, then we can not agree that this is a thesis statement. What you have said is obvious. It does not require to be proved. However, phrase “The main role in “Romeo and Juliette” play belongs to the most tragic character of the play, Juliette” sounds more like arguable statement.

The statement should be specific. For example, statement “Romeo and Juliette is a play about how not to make wrong choice” is less appropriate than “Shakespeare emphasizes that inexperienced love of young people is both, comic and tragic”. The second one is much better and specific.

Good thesis leads your written work. Sometimes it is possible to make thoughts review in a thesis, which you will introduce in your work, directing yourself as well as those who will read your work. “Juliette’s death and quarrels between the families are used to demonstrate the fact that heart and mind act separately”.

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Create a draft

1. Present your ideas in “fives”. There is so-called “fives rule”, also in other words “format of five paragraphs”. We can not say that this is a strict rule and no one makes you stick to number five, however, it can bring much use when you create argument and try to order the thoughts you have. Your task is to include into your paper at least three different opinions that will confirm main argument. However, the commonly accepted written work structure is the following:

  • Introductory part, where you present the theme, as well as subject and statements.
  • Major paragraph one, where you present and prove the first statement.
  • Major paragraph two, where you present and prove your second statement.
  • Major paragraph three, where you present and prove your third statement.
  • Final part, where you sum up the arguments.

2. Support your basic ideas with two types of proofs. In a good paper (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/proofread-essay-service-guarantees-success-of-your-paper) thesis reminds a table surface. As the table surface is supported by its legs, because it can not hang in the air, so as thesis should be supported by evidences. Each thought should be supported by two types of evidences: arguments and facts.

Facts include certain quotations from a book or certain fact on a subject. For example, you wish to speak about Mercutio’s temper, so you need to give quotation of his words and describe his character at large.

Arguments are based on your logic and proofs. Why does Mercutio have such a temper? Give explanations on what view point using logic and basing on facts. Thus you will get convincing reasoning with powerful evidences.

3. Consider the main subject aspects, answers to which you need to present. A quite common claim of students who create written works is that there is no clear understanding of what they need to tell on a specific subject. The goal is to learn to set questions, which readers could ask, in order to collect material in advance giving answers in the draft.

4. Do not be afraid to look too intelligent. Another common students’ mistake is that they waste so many precious hours trying to replace too “smart”, as they think, words with simpler ones. Creation of a powerful thesis requires less efforts in formulation and vocabulary / lexicon, but more efforts in structure and support of your argument with main ideas.


1. Get several comments on your work. It may seem tempting to consider your work finished as soon you end writing the necessary number of pages or words. It would more preferable if you lay your written work aside for some time and come back to it later. Probably, you will want to make some changes. Ask for someone’s competent advice and make required corrections according to the comments and remarks you have been told.

2. Be ready to work on changes. Unfortunately, people manage to create paper of high quality not always from the first attempt (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/order-paper-proofreading-and-editing-here). The word “check” implies “to look through one more time”. Most students believe that check means correction of spelling mistakes and misprints. Naturally, suchlike corrections belong to the check process stages, but there is also one thing that everyone should know: even professional writers can not create perfect text from the very first attempt. You have so much work in front of you. In order to facilitate the process at least a little bit, Essay Corrector expert team can advise you to make the following actions:

  • move text fragments to reach the best structure of a written paper;
  • remove fragments, which are repeated or do not work;
  • remove opinions, which do not support your reasoning.

3. Do not generalize. Be more specific. Now the main goal is to improve created draft during the check, to choose ideas that have too general look and turn them into specific ones. For example, add more quotations or facts, or focus can be shifted, look for absolutely new points of view and new evidences, which will support the thesis you present.

4. Reread the draft aloud. Another great technique to evaluate written work and understand whether it will pass the check is to read your paper out loud. Does the text sound well? Underline everything what requires to be explained, changed as well as specified. After that, return to the beginning and make corrections that have been noticed previously to improve your project.

5. Correct the work at the last stage. Do not worry about punctuation marks until your paper is ready to be presented. Leave for later syntax problems, orthography and typos. You will care of these points only when other more important elements of your work are already polished.


  • Remember that there are no time limits (unless you are passing exam at the moment), so do not rush and do not be ashamed to express the thoughts you have.
  • It is always possible to add more elements to your support scheme, if you think they are not enough.
  • Some special programs and apps can help you in draft creation process.

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