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How to learn errorless writing: psychologist’s advice

Many people are not aware of how to learn errorless literate writing, to make text look interesting, nice, also, literate and errors free ( Each person, who has desire, can learn it, but if strong desire for literate mistake free writing is absent, then there will not be any result. Use our tips on practice, experiment, thus, everyone will find suitable technique and method to write correctly without errors.

In this post we will share how to write without flaws, because well-built paper is good, but it is even better when this paper is nicely written, does not maintain big number of mistakes ( Each person makes mistakes, the most essential is stop being afraid of them, start admitting and fixing any error in time. For this purpose in our article several working tips on how to reach this aim are given.

Start to write two-three texts per day

If we want to learn writing without errors, then we need to learn it not only in theory, but on practice. It is advised to start writing at least two-three texts per day. Thus, we can analyze our mistakes, fix them, start to improve our results. Those people, who write often, become more literate and educated.

Check each written sentence

To learn errorless writing, we need to start checking each written sentence right after writing it. If we forget and do not check it, more likely it will contain many errors. Thus, we will not be able to figure out what we have done wrong.

Write slowly first

To learn grammatically correct writing, we need to learn slow writing first. Then gradually we should increase speed of sentences writing. When we learn to write fast, we will have time to check each written sentence along with the whole text. Also, it is useful for memory, brain and acumen development.

Read wise books

To learn how to write without errors, we need to find smart literate books of successful authors, who know to create literate texts. We should read such books up to one or two hours a day to learn new words, spelling methods, other details. When we learn attentive reading, our visual memory will start fixating complex words, so that later while text writing we could recollect what correct spelling of a complex word is. We should not read unwise books, because, on the contrary, it will impair results of writing.

Read written text for two times

To learn error free writing, we need at once after text writing read it twice. The first time we need to pay more attention to mistakes, punctuation marks. The second time we need to be more attentive to whether a text is correctly built, its meaning, coherence, sequence of sentences.

Error free writing: is it real?

In short, no one can always write without errors at all. If there is an orthographic dictionary under our pillow along with diploma of a philologist, still errors and misprints slip in our texts. More correctly this question should sound like this: “How to reduce the number of errors in texts”? Are you interested in the answer? Then continue reading this post.

Thinking about mistakes: what for?

Internet users are looking for expert information on the Network. They are ready to forgive author’s mistakes, typos, if they find something new, useful, interesting in a post. This is fair if errors are not too numerous in a text. Do not try to calculate specific allowable number of inaccuracies, this is a subjective number. One and the same text can be a sample of illiteracy or a standard of an unmistakable writing for different readers.

One thing can be said for sure: the more there are errors in a text, the higher probability that a visitor will stop perceiving information and will start correcting the material. Of course, tolerance to errors depends on expectations of audience. For example, if we read a post on “How to clean pipes quickly” on the forum for plumbers, then we will not pay that much attention to spelling. However, if we read other public site, we tend to scold it for any noticed mistake.

Information to think about

  • Social psychologists during research have found out that mistakes reduce trust of a visitor to site.
  • It has been figured out that errors in “LinkedIn” profile correlate with career success of a person.
  • “Wall Street Journal” editor Sue Shellenbarger has not conducted research, thus, she is lead by personal observations. According to her, errors extremely negatively affect efficiency of marketing messages.

The more errors users see in texts, the less they trust us. That is why it is necessary to think on how to reduce number of inaccuracies on a site.

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How to increase literacy quickly

Want to hear nothing about language rules books? This is a natural reaction of an adult person, of an infantile adult. So, tight now go to the bookstore or search books online. For example, find language allowance for students entering universities. Do one or two exercises per day. This will reduce errors in texts significantly.

These recommendations will also help greatly:

  • Read text for several times. If possible, read out loud; read text out loud to improve grammar.
  • Cooperate with professional corrector or editor. It initially will increase quality of publications and texts.
  • Read belles-lettres and quality business literature.
  • Pay attention to frequently met mistakes. For this purpose, it will be necessary to write down errors found during reading. Also, we can ask an editor to send us our texts with highlighted errors. Analyze data on inaccuracies, repeat necessary rules, do the exercises.
  • Practice free writing. This technique helps to overcome writer's stupor. Besides, it strengthens knowledge got from grammar books.

Automatic tools for text check

It is possible to find and fix quickly most orthographic mistakes and typos with the help of automatic tools and services. There are many various tools and services. Usually, it is just required to paste a text in a special field and push “check” button (now online checkers are meant, use low prices paper proofreading online). There are sites, which deal with orthographic errors mostly. There is more, developers of some tools / sites claim that their developments can fix punctuation and even stylistic errors. Other services are not much well developed and recognize only some orthographic mistakes. Online services also remove double spaces. Nowadays such services exist, which work as a tool for removing “word garbage”. However, in this matter it is better to trust to professional editors rather than to online checker. As it is obvious, we should not entrust fully check of our texts to automatic services. However, we can use them to find typos and inaccuracies quickly.

Trap for “grammar-nazi”

Everyone has already understood that anyway flaws (mistakes or typos) slip in a paper. Thus, without doubts, our texts will definitely get comments and remarks from readers. It is good when a reader notices and speaks about an inaccuracy calmly. We can thank him (her), and fix it. It is worse when inaccuracies are noticed by someone “super educated and literate”. Such person usually speaks about errors harshly. Even if we are not upset because of such remarks, other people may have negative impression. Therefore, it would be better to secure oneself cooperating with professional revisers and editors.

No one can get rid of errors completely on one’s own without professional help

However, we have possibility to reduce number of inaccuracies significantly. For this purpose, we need to develop: learn and repeat language rules, proof read texts, read good books. It does not prevent us from necessity to cooperate with professional corrector or editor. Use automatic services of text check for self-control, meanwhile, professional assistance will rescue from all other troubles. Fast college paper proofreading service is a rescue!

Formula of perfect first paragraph

Good first paragraph consists of several sentences. First sentence catches audience and makes it pay attention to an article. The following two-three sentences have information nature: they formulate the problem, tell readers about material, etc. Final one-two sentences explain the audience idea of material, tell about its use, promise benefits, etc. Use this formula to write always good initial paragraphs. Use described methods to attract attention of visitors / readers and make them read our texts.

Website that fixes grammar: this is quickly, easily, conveniently

As you probably have already made sure, using professional help online is much more convenient, easy and naturally quick. Our experts work fast, but this does not influence quality at all. Since we have big team of professional writers, editors, revisers, who work together, supporting each other, each order is executed in the shortest time possible. All this, in combination with affordable cost, makes us one of the leading companies in the field.

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