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Everyone knows that there is nothing perfect in our life. In general, perfection is a very abstract notion, meaning of which every person defines on one’s own. However, now we use this word in relation to written papers and text creation. So, we are not afraid to claim that it is easy to be perfect with our professional assistance. Our vocation is to facilitate people’s life when it goes about academic written works creation. We know that not for every one it can easy to cope with college papers building. Even if it is not a trouble for someone, there is often lack of time to implement work of enough quality. That is the reason for being here ready to give a hand. Online agency, or in other words essay paper checker is a great helper in matters of college papers. We provide wide range of various services in sphere of academic written works. There is no secret that this field requires from a person high level of literacy. Our professional paper writers are highly literate and naturally posses other required skills. That is why we offer to discuss right now importance of being literate. Allocate a couple of minutes to read this post. After that you will probably start looking at certain things differently.

Who is a literate man?

Who is a literate man and how to define level of literacy? The more we travel around “language planet”, the more unknown, even weird points we find. At such moments we try to realize how much more we can learn! There is no answer to this question. So, we have come up to conclusion that the only thing we can do is to aim for new knowledge all the time, look for something, what is not obviously seen, read books and little by little “in a small boat swim in the boundless oceans of knowledge” (more about books reading benefit is here: Even when one realizes that there is no shore or it is just not seen yet, one should not succumb to “waves of despair”, which try to turn the boat over. It is necessary to stubbornly row further meeting something new and unknown.

One should strive for more not only to reach an aim or to become better than someone. It is important to realize that present day is not spent in vain, that a person has become better than yesterday, but at the same time this person has become closer to a desired aim, for reaching of which one is ready to overcome oceans of knowledge and discovering, to overcome obstacles and face challenges. This aim is literacy.

We believe that the most right and most available way of self speech improvement is reading of classic literature, which is of high quality and time tested. It is necessary to try to read every day. This is the right way, which can lead to being real master of word. Another not major but auxiliary way is using copy editing and proof reading services. They will help to present only qualitatively written texts, to save time, which can be spent on literacy improvement. This is also money saving option.

No limit for perfection

Whatever man says about his level of literacy, anyway, there is no limit for perfection. Literacy, in its wide meaning, supposes not only absence of orthographic and punctuation errors. Encyclopedia defines literacy as a certain level of reading, writing skills possession according to grammatical norms of mother language. It is also defined as one of the basic signs of social and cultural development of a country. It is obvious that the more each person is literate, the higher level of country development in general. This is what characterizes level of any country people’s participation in mental life of whole humanity.

Treasury of thought and knowledge

If we talk about literacy as about ability to read and write, then in its importance it is not less than importance of “knowledge”, because its synonyms are “readiness, awareness, knowledge, competence, qualification”. These competences can be formed thanks to work with books, what in turn gives opportunity to use “treasury of thought and knowledge”, which humanity has created. By the way, books are written texts, which require proof reading the most. Here read really good tips on book proof reading:

Unfortunately, today in our society we can notice absence of logical connection between literacy level and occupied position: it often happens that those who occupy high posts or those who are so-called “important personalities” often possess knowledge got in school only, what allows them to move up career ladder without any problem (read about importance of grammar to climb ladder). Young men, who already now start building their future, need to reconsider life values. For example, there is a simple strategy of literacy improvement: from elementary to perfection. Motto is “learn, learn, learn”. Check out this list of popular universities, which will definitely contribute to literacy improvement.

“Never judge a book by its cover”

There is a good expression: “Never judge a book by its cover”. It works for people as well. Very first impression about a man is based on what his wears. The same is about literacy. When we see someone writes incorrectly, it can change our attitude to this person greatly.

Correct speech and writing has always been distinctive feature of educated and cultural people. They perfectly realized that if they wrote incorrectly, it would have been a disaster. Literacy would have been out of the question. Incorrect speech, incorrectly written words make it difficult to read and comprehend a text. Sometimes, they can even change completely general meaning of a text. Thus, to avoid such situation one can use expert sites, which specialize in text creation and fixing. Our site belongs to sites of such kind. Our proofreading services prices are affordable for anyone, so there is no need to worry about money. Order now, feel calm and safe.

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People have all necessary tools to become literate individualities. There is a huge variety of these tools nowadays. These are books, first of all. Read as much as possible! First one reads, then comprehends, then memorizes words and word combinations, which later will be used in written or oral speech (additionally, we have prepared tips on how to use reported speech). A habit of a cultural man should be developed. Even if one does not possess speech well, then it is recommended to speak slowly with a smile, without much gesture. Intonation literacy is essential as well.

What does it mean to speak correctly?

What does it mean to speak correctly? What does it mean to listen to one’s speech, to hear its sounding, to hear one’s own mistakes and correct them in a timely manner by appealing to dictionaries and manuals? Only man can help himself. Besides, it is also essential to notice and hear errors in speech of others, to feel incorrect use of words and do not be afraid to point at this. Of course, it should be done in a kind, delicate and polite manner, within accepted etiquette.

Conclusion is clear: if we want to be literate, educated and comprehensively developed people, then skill to write and talk correctly should be obligatory for us. Our success depends directly on it.

Am I literate enough?

Any person should think at least once in a lifetime: “Am I literate? Is my literacy enough for a good job?”. Of course, a modern man in order to be successful in life needs to be literate in first and direct meaning of this word: in orthographic, punctuation, grammar and other suchlike meanings. A lot of children and grown-ups believe that today it is not obligatory to work hard on orthography or spelling, because computer will fix everything. This is a huge fallacy. Computers fixes and always and not all mistakes. This is a good excuse for lazy ones. Modern man has to be literate, keeping all rules of orthography and punctuation. Often we need to write text by hand, creating some applications, requests or other business documents. Not always we have a dictionary next to us. But we can always have knowledge in our mind. Correctly written application, autobiography, resume (all this is required in job search or employment process) will create favorable impression about its author. However, paper written with many errors will give negative characteristic at once: others may think that author of such a text is intellectually limited, undeveloped.

What to do to be literate?

What needs to be done to be literate? It is necessary to study hard, to learn rules, exceptions, to read a lot. Also, many educators advise to rewrite texts of classic writers. This method develops visual memory, thus, correct spelling is saved in the subconscious. Literacy in work on oneself, is a hard labor. This is great that there are people, who are professionals in this matter. They help those, who have troubles with literacy. Meanwhile they help, people have time to improve their weak points. If there are problems, each person has powers to fix them. Right choice is to be occupied with literacy improvement as much as possible.

Literacy is a human face. A man, who is proud of his language and loves it, will never defile it with “dirty” words or silly mistakes, which are easy to avoid. Love for language can be easily demonstrated: no pompous words required, it is just necessary to be literate!

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Yes, literacy belongs to those eternal and controversial issues. We can discuss it for hours, days, years or even dozens of years and never come up to a commonly accepted mind. Meanwhile, no one doubts (not now, not previously) that any written text should be correct, especially when it is presented to public. But how can it be achieved if a text creator is not literate? We can guarantee and prove that each writer of our site is literate. They own all necessary sills, qualification and experience to create, fix, edit, proof read, revise, rewrite any written text. Besides, we offer cheap proofreading services, what has great significance for a lot of customers. So, now you have something to think about. Dot not rush, there is enough time to think before ordering our professional affordable services.

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