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Top phrases that make your readers want to stop reading

Try to imagine the following situation. At a business party you have acquainted with an interesting person, and you start talking:

Your new companion: “What do you do?”

You: “I am an architect.”

Companion: “Oh, this is great. Do you project and design buildings?”

You: “Yes. At least, I try to do this.”

Companion: “Have you projected anything in our city?”

You: “Yes, a new university building is my job.”

Companion: “Really? The building is very beautiful!”

Pay attention that you have managed to make an impression on a person without trying to make it purposely. Now imagine another situation. You have acquainted with an interesting person, and he (or she) asks you the same question: “What do you do?” However, this time you reply differently:

You: “I am a young, enthusiastic and dedicated specialist that provides project / design services. My work is based on many years of experience, innovative technologies that ensure the highest quality of buildings and unique custom experience.”

Companion: “I see…”

The same happens in real life. When you meet someone personally, you describe and present yourself differently. On a site, in social networks, promo-materials your conduct also differs. You start to exaggerate your advantages and simultaneously use so many hackneyed clichés that it becomes unbearable to read. Why do you do this? Why do you use words that you would never have said in life? Do you think that the Internet requires some special style of communication, and everyone has to follow it without exception? Now we are going to present the phrases that your clients are allowed to use when they describe your services or products, but it is forbidden for you to use them. Qualified proofreading services online will not let suchlike errors skip in your texts.

1. Innovative

A lot of companies in the market call themselves innovative. “Innovative company”, “innovative technology”, “innovative methods” sound nice and tempting. Unfortunately, in fact, there are no innovations at all. Their task is to present themselves correctly, and later they start to figure out whether there is something innovative.

Never use the word “innovative” when you describe your company if it is not true. If you really use innovative methods, tell in detail what the innovation is and how a client can benefit from it. Everything you say should be based on proofs.

2. Leader in your niche

Usain Bolt is the leader in his niche. His Olympic medals are the proofs. Microsoft is the leader in its niche. Representative offices in 190 countries and a staff of 90 thousand people are also the proofs. So, why do you say you are “innovative”? Who has said that you are a leader? Was it you? Unfortunately, it does not count.

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3. The highest level of services

We beg your pardon, but how much is it? Is it much higher than a high level? Or is it just several centimeters higher? For most people the highest level of services supposes that a client will be literary provided with a free dinner, red caviar and champagne. What does this phrase mean to you? We can suppose it means something different. So, tell your potential clients what your services imply. There can be written anything on a site, but in reality you see something different: rude attitude, disregard, carelessness, etc. This is “the highest level”. Do not let something like this characterize your services. Entrust your paper to proof reading websites online and feel safe.

4. Unique work experience

Fingerprints are unique. Snowflakes are unique. You as a personality are also unique. However, your work experience hardly can be called so. Do not do this at all! Probably, it will be a revelation for you but your customers absolutely do not care for how much unique your experience is. The only thing that matters to them is what benefit they will get from cooperation with you. So, there should be less bragging and more specifics.

5. Various degrees of work difficulty

When we see this phrase, there is always a question in mind “How do you divide them? According to what criteria?” It seems that even the business owners are not able to answer this question sufficiently. So, why do you need to write it at all? Just tell what you do in detail. That is all. In turn, a customer will decide whether your services suit his (hers) requirements or not. Empty phrases do not mean anything at all.

6. Focused on results

Do you really mean it? Is your company really focused on something it gets money for? Honestly, guys, you are great! You can be a role model for others! We hope everything is okay with your sense of humor.

7. Reasonable prices

What does it mean? How much is it? Do you believe that using this phrase you will attract thousands of clients at once? This statement will not be treated seriously until the moment you say a specific number. It is extremely important to mention the prices on your site (

In addition, here is a list of clichés from Internet users:

8. We are a dynamically developing company.

9. We strive to be closer to our clients.

10. The specialists with unique competencies.

11. Our company is among top ten best companies in the state.

12. Full range of services.

13. Individual approach.

14. More than you can expect.

15. We know how to work with the most demanding clients.

16. We guarantee the quality of provided services and reliability of partnerships.

17. Quality traditions since XXXX (year / century).

18. XXX is your reliable partner!

19. The highest quality according to world standards (

20. Luxury class (deluxe, luxurious).

We have enumerated not all clichés but the most common of them. Do you have your “favorite” phrases? Share them with us.

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