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Fatal mistakes in text writing

Do you know how many texts, documents, papers we receive? They are dozens and even hundreds every month. Their levels are very different. However, there is a problem that is common for everyone. The problem is the inability to build and format the text correctly and to involve the readers in the reading process.

Unfortunately, many really good web-writers and copywriters kill their works with bad text organization and formatting. There are no accents and other "joys". If you feel you have such problems, try to use the special tools for correct text building and formatting or apply for expert help to professional writers and editors. Get true paper editing online on our site. However, there is a “but”!

Poor formatting is a mistake, of course, but not a fatal one. It is possible to develop the skills of correct and nice formatting taking one or two practical lessons. There is something much worse. This is the glaring mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. In order to help you, we have prepared this post so that you know what to do and what to avoid or get rid of. In addition, you can order the check of your text (article, essay, term or research paper, dissertation, etc.) on our site (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/article-rewriting-service-conceal-every-trace-of-crime). We must admit we have got used to the incompetently written texts by those who call themselves “professional writers”. We have got used to the fact that their knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling rules are far from perfect. Nevertheless, we understand it because nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. However, there are errors that we call fatal. Their presence in one’s speech is a serious obstacle on one’s professional (or maybe even personal) way. It is especially important for writers. We have prepared a reported speech advice for you that will help improve your speech greatly. If these errors are present, there is sense to think whether writing is your “thing”. Maybe, you should not start at all?

So, let us present them one by one.

Mistake #1. Ignorance of how even elementary words are written

This is not just a mistake but “speech sin” when a writer does not understand absolutely how the words are written. It happens to those who have not read books in childhood and demonstrated poor school performance. There are mistakes in text writing that just do not have any excuse. Of course, sometimes there are things we are not aware of, but this is another case. That is why when someone asks whether grammar knowledge matters in the field of free writing, the answer is “Learn the basic language rules first, and then try to write”. Another good option is the online grammar checker that will help remove errors from your texts (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/online-grammar-checkers-vs-editing-by-human).

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Mistake #2. Complete chaos in the text punctuation marks

This is also not a separate mistake but set of errors that is usual for authors that have not learned syntax and punctuation at school. Someone does not use commas at all. Someone, on the contrary, places them after every single word. The worst case is when punctuation marks are put or are not put in a chaotic manner. In addition, there are cases when authors use commas instead of all other punctuation marks. Believe us, if an author makes so many mistakes in punctuation, it is too early to study the secrets of selling texts (if he / she wants to be a writer, web-writer, copywriter or so). In fact, there are many people who say they want to become a copywriter but do not want to learn the language rules at all.

Naturally, everyone sometimes can miss punctuation marks or someone prefers some mark more than others (to attract attention or make an emphasis in such a way). In some cases, there is an explanation: such abundance of punctuation marks really makes readers stop. In online format it is important to keep their attention tenaciously. Anyway, you should admit that when the text punctuation is “lame”, it strikes the eye and does not cause the desire to continue reading.

Mistake #3. Comma between subject and predicate

In fact, this mistake is a common case of punctuation chaos. However, we want to discuss it separately because this is the error that drives crazy even a very calm person. Think about it: you read a text and stumble all the time. The comma is a pause, and you slow down each time you see it. However, the pauses are placed not where they supposed to be. This is like being in a traffic jam when you need to break constantly. Reading such text, a reader starts to feel dizzy as if he is a car passenger that tries to go out of the jam. Also, when we see a sentence with suchlike error, it can be compared with a person that is cut into two parts. The comparison is not much pleasant but subject and predicate cannot be separated. They are the parts of a whole. If this mistake is present in your writing, get rid of it as soon as possible. Do not make your readers feel dizzy.

Mistake #4. Incorrect sequence of tenses

This is a more subtle error. This is a kind of check for a sense of language.

So, have you found any of the mentioned errors in your texts? If yes, grab the grammar books right now! Also, read about English grammar evolution. Broaden your mind. Otherwise, it will not lead to something good. Anyway, every author needs an editor. Sooner or later you cannot write without an editor. The sooner you find a good one the better.

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