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Writing tips

In addition, we want to give you several tips on how to create a good written paper

1. Select such a subject, which you know well. In this case, it will be easier to operate the facts, express your ideas, opinion, and feelings, especially if you care for the subject selected. This is really important, by the way. It is great if the topic of your text is close to your inner world and provokes thoughts. If there is a topic that interests you a lot, you can ask your teacher to write your paper about it. Usually, teachers agree on this.

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2. An essay is not just a content but form. Read a related essay published on our blog: A teacher assesses not only the content, i.e. the essence, but spelling and punctuation as well. Advice is the following: try to write, using the simplest constructions, i.e. using ordinary compound sentences. It is important that you need to be sure about the placement of punctuation marks. This is especially essential when it goes about an important exam or some other similar event. Do not make it complicated. Of course, the deepness of thought and complexity of constructions can be your advantage, but only in case if you put the punctuation marks correctly. Otherwise, you risk getting a low grade for your work. Do not let it happen with the help of our competent online paper editing service.

3. Another advice is to search on the Internet several works on the topic that interests you and read them carefully. Notice how the author reveals the subject, what quotes and references uses to present the thoughts. Having read several works, you will understand an approximate context and logic. We would recommend using the pieces of text, which you like the most, but do not copy them as they are. Try to paraphrase them, otherwise, you risk facing the plagiarism problem. You can use them in your essay but in a modified form. Use your imagination: one and the same thought can be presented in several different ways.

4. It is useful to use the quotations of some famous critic. It always brings additional points to your paper. Especially today, when we have the Internet, this is not difficult at all. Also, it will not take much time, and a teacher will see that you have done good work.

5. Try to express the connected with each other thoughts first, and then, illustrate them with the help of facts from books, your impressions, and quotations. Thus, your words will not seem unfounded.

6. Coherence is very important in any text. A text should be integral. In order to create the effect of “wholeness”, you need to use the introductory words, conjunctions, also, such words and phrases as “so”, “really”, “we can see”, “also”, “in this way”, “you can notice” and so on and so forth. They will make your essay logical and structured. A text should not seem bluff or uneven.

7. If you are confident and know the material well, you can add some personal “thing” to your text. However, be careful. It is good to be creative and original but it should always be appropriate.

8. Repetitions are the trouble of almost every scholar. Try not to use the same word several times in a line (paragraph). It is allowed only when this is stylistic device. Do not forget that there are many synonyms. Also, you can change and paraphrase different constructions. The meaning remains the same and a sentence sounds and looks differently. Do not stick to one way of wording. Use your imagination. For all scholars, we offer the most economical college essay proofreading service.

9. Avoid tautologies and pleonasms.

10. Final advice is the following: when your text is ready, lay it aside for an hour or even a day. Look at it later, having your mind “fresh and cool”. The most effective is not only to read but read it out loud. It will help hear the roughness, illogicalities, repetitions, and other things that sound bad. More tips for expert essay proofreading you can find here:

We hope these tips will come in handy. Do you want to learn to write good essays? We are ready to help you with this. If you need a reliable essay writer or editor, we offer our professional services. We can check an essay for grammar and eliminate the tiniest errors. We are always there ready to support and assist.

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