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The students’ eternal problems

Today’s post is devoted to the eternal problems of the students. Almost everyone has been a student once, or someone is a student right now. Since the studying takes the greater part of the young people’s life, we think it will be interesting to you to learn what main problems the students face, no matter where they study. In general, the student life is the same everywhere: the lectures, classes, exams… That is why all students face the same problems. We decided to distinguish several main problems of the students. Having read this post, you will probably realize that you also have experienced some of the presented problems. We are going to give some brief recommendations to each case that will help avoid the problems (our website helps the students, in general: So, let us begin!

1. Scholarship does not cover all expenses

Oh, the scholarship… It seems like you have it but you do not have it at the same time. The point is about how to spend the money that the state gives to you? First of all, remember that the scholarship size depends on a college / university along with other factors. If the scholarship is spent on the movie tickets or perfumes, you will never manage to save money or buy something really essential. If there is an opportunity not to spend money for several months, then naturally you can purchase something great and useful (a laptop, for example). Can you wait for so long? No one says you have to buy a laptop for the money saved from your scholarship only. You may have not only the scholarship but also some additional income. Many students work in summer. The “summer” money with the money saved from your scholarship will allow you to buy a laptop (or something else). The most important is to manage to save money and not to waste everything you have earned working so hard. Remember that money is often hard to get but easy to spend. So our advice is the following: forget that you get the scholarship for several months, and eventually you will feel much greater joy spending the saved money on the really important things. We offer an available paper proofreader for cheap that also allows saving money.

2. I will sleep well at the end of the week

Every student knows that the sleep is the saint matter. Nevertheless, many of them neglect this saint matter, especially when they spend time in the social networks talking to their friends. The next day they come to the university and spend the day as if they are zombies. Almost always they promise themselves that “today I will go to sleep earlier”. However, as it usually happens, the next day everything repeats the same. So here is another students’ problem: the lack of sleep.

At the end of the week they swear to sleep well on the weekend. However, as it usually happens, they also do not manage to sleep enough on the weekend. Every time there is someone that starts making noise early in the morning. You cannot sleep because of that and become very irritated and aggressive. This is the extreme lack of sleep, we must say.

What to do? As everyone knows, when you want to sleep, you do not care at all what is going on at a lecture or what the weather outside is. Although, you should care for what is going on because you are a living being that lives and enjoys the life, not a plant that just exists. Your computer and virtual friends are great, but the real world and your real friends are a thousand times better!

If you have the social networks addiction, ask your friend (or someone else you trust to) to remove all your devices that you can use to access the Internet. Except this, do not go home right after the classes. Walk with your friends in a park, for example, at least several times per week. The best remedy against the Internet addiction is to be occupied with something else, i.e. get distracted. If you claim that you lack time, our fast academic paper editing service will help solve this problem.

Go to bed on time and you will feel much better. The better you feel the more joy you bring to other people. The more joy you bring to other people the more they need you!

3. Exams…not again!

As the students like to joke, the exams come suddenly. Everyone knows they will come for sure, but only some students start thinking about this period in advance. We all drown in the everyday businesses, routine tasks that we implement day to day. In order to cope with all of that, we need to concentrate maximally on the present day. That is why we do not care much for what will happen tomorrow. But in vain!

We study for our future, anyway. It will be very disappointing if you cope with the everyday tasks successfully but fail the most important things in your studying. We mean your exams. The fact that you have visited all classes and have written a research work well has a slight influence on your future exam grades. This all will be forgotten, but your exam grade will be with you forever. Yes, here is another students’ problem.

In fact, if you cope successfully with your everyday tasks, there should not be problems with the exams. If you study all the time, fulfill your written assignments and so on, you probably have good knowledge of everything you learn. However, it often happens that a student “burns out” at the finish line (i.e. at the exam), and consequently gets a low grade.

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The point is that the students do not pay much attention to the preparation process. Even if it seems to you that you know everything on a subject, still you need to allocate at least 30 minutes once per week for the learned material repetition. It is better to do the following: one week you repeat what you have learned on some three subjects, the next week you repeat other three subjects, the other week again other three subjects and so on. As a result, you will not forget the studied material because you will repeat it time to time during the semester. The greatest students’ mistake is the repetition of a big studying material in a very short time. Your brain just cannot withstand such extreme loads and “blows up”. That is why remember that your grade depends on your work during the semester. No more, no less.

4. Where and what to eat?

This student life… You feel all its charm if you live in a dormitory. The shared kitchen, where someone cooks something all the time, and the bathroom that is always occupied. What to do when you are hungry but you are too lazy (or tired) to cook or there is no opportunity to cook at the moment? The best advice is to cook in advance (perfectly, in the evening of the previous day). Why so? When you return after the classes, you just do not have any desire and energy to cook. You want to rest, but you want to eat as well. The solution is the following: in the evening cook the meal for tomorrow (this can be a couple of simple sandwiches or whatever else you want).

You probably wonder: “How will I manage to force myself to cook something in the evening if yesterday I did not have the desire to cook just like today?”. Let us explain: the point is that you cook for the next day not right after the classes but a little bit later. In the end of the day you will have more energy (because you will have some time to rest), so it will be easier to make yourself cook for the following day. Are you still saying you will not have energy? Of course, you will have it! You have the energy to surf the Internet, don’t you? It means you are absolutely able to cook something.

If you do not know how to cook well or you are too lazy, then you should find a canteen close to your dormitory, where they cook tasty meals of a good quality (a high-quality content creator is here:  How can you find it? Ask the seniors because they know suchlike places for sure. Yes, it can be costly to eat in a canteen every day, but thus you will save your time and nerves. The choice is up to you. Another advice on food: do not eat too often fast food and instant noodles!

5. Nightclub: to go or not to go?..

This problem is related more to the students’ leisure time. Where to spend the weekend? At a nightclub, at the cinema, playing bowling or something else? Many big cities offer so many places to go to spend your free time that you just do not know what to choose every time. The friends-students always start arguing about where to go. Different people prefer different places. What to do in this situation? First of all you need to solve this problem not an hour before the event but during the weekdays. The best time to make the decision is the classes breaks. First of all, figure out how much money you have. Almost each student has the “money troubles”, so it would be great to find out who and how much money is ready to waste. If you hire an academic editor for cheap, your money also will be saved.

Having learned what sum of money everyone possesses, each of the students can present his (hers) option of where to go. You need to discuss every offer, its advantages and possible drawbacks. Thus you will manage to find the most suitable variant. Also, you will manage to avoid the quarrels and disagreements. It is hard to choose such option that will satisfy everyone. Nevertheless, the discussion of all possible options will help select the best one. The biggest problem of the students is that they create the problems on their own.

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