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The student scientific society is the window to science

Spring is coming. It is still pretty cold at night but, in the daytime, the sun is already warm. Everything returns to life, wakes up after the hibernation. A human, as a representative of the animal species, is also subject to this. That is why, when spring comes, each of us should be ready to spend more efforts for the studying activity than it has been needed during the winter period.

In most higher educational establishments, many various events are held at that time, such as the student scientific society. Here the students of the higher educational establishments present their research paper to the audience. This is a good chance to demonstrate one’s skills to the future scientists, get acquainted with the scientific activity structure and practice in public speaking.

Usually, the student scientific society meetings are held in two stages:

1. Plenary session. This is a general meeting of the participants, at which they sum up the activities of the university for the past year. The most successful works are presented at the plenary session. The presence at the events of this kind allows the students to get acquainted with other sciences, learn something new and interesting. This is an honor to speak at the plenary session for every student that dreams to devote one’s future work to the scientific activities (read how grammar can help with your promotion: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/how-proper-grammar-can-help-to-climb-ladder).

2. Meeting of the individual (separate) sections. Right after the first plenary session, the participants go to different lecture halls. In each of these lecture halls, they read the reports on some particular topics. Usually, the heads of such sections are different departments, for example, the Department of Management, the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines, etc. The reports presented at the section allow you to learn more about some subject that interests you.

Some different structure of the student scientific society organization is also possible, however, in most cases, the student scientific society is organized in exactly this way. If you want to connect your future profession with the scientific activity, then, long before the student scientific society, you need to ask the teachers and seniors how the participants are selected and how to conduct scientific research, in general. Especially, it concerns the freshmen because they know very little about the university, in general, about the participation in the student scientific society, in particular. We will try to tell you briefly about the selection of the participants for the student scientific society conference and about the rules of the research paper writing.

The selection of the participants for the student scientific society conference

Does science interest you? Or are you curious and like to learn something new by your nature? Or maybe you have the desire to tell the world about your personal invention or discovery? Then, the student scientific society is just what you need! Only good research competes for the right to be presented at the student scientific society conference with other the same good research. It is obvious that the conference format does not allow listening to everyone who wants to speak (get some advice on how to use the reported speech correctly: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/follow-these-tips-how-to-use-reported-speech-like-a-pro). Especially, this concerns big universities and colleges. So, you need to demonstrate your wit and ingenuity, if you want to present your research paper at the plenary session. It is necessary to be active always to be noticed. Naturally, much depends on each particular situation, however, we will try to help “promote” your project.

  • What you need to do is to get the support of one of the powerful teachers. Try to make the most respectful and powerful teacher you know your scientific supervisor.
  • It would be amazing, if it is the Dean of the Faculty or the Vice Dean. Also, if you apply for help of such a person, you need to have something already, at least, a plan of the future work.
  • Do not think that your supervisor (especially, the Dean) will help you with everything. A person that occupies such a position is too busy. Of course, he (she) will help you with the books and other sources for your research, will give advice on where to search, nothing more. Such people have much work, except you. However, being the head of the faculty, it is vitally important for him (her) to supervise such a young researcher as you. Such policy is accepted in the scientific field. So, if you come with a well-prepared plan, you have pretty high chances to gain favor.
  • The Dean will gladly help you. And if the Dean helps you work on your research, then, you can be sure that you will definitely present your work at the student scientific society conference.

To create a plan correctly and present it to your supervisor, it is necessary to know how to create a plan, in general, and how to choose a correct subject for your research.

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How to write a research paper correctly

Recommendation #1. Begin any work with the action plan. It concerns not only scientific activity but any activity, in general. Without a plan, you will not manage to achieve the set goal, i.e. to write a high-quality research paper. Order editing and revising of any paper at a cheap cost on our website.

Try to make up a small plan, within 5-6 points. You need to present in it the most important structural units of your work. A plan is your “guiding star” that shows the way in the boundless steppe. In your case, this is the boundless steppe of information. Nowadays, there is the ocean of the books on various topics and the whole universe called the Internet. However, if you have a good plan and follow it, then, it will not be a problem to remove everything excess and focus your attention on the most significant points to build a really good research paper.

Recommendation #2. Write about something that really interests you. It is always easier to write about something you are interested in. That is why, choosing the research subject, you need to take your interests into consideration. You probably have much deeper knowledge of a theme that interests you. This factor is among the most important factors of the successful research work creation.

Recommendation #3. Try to write about some current problems of our time. Believe us, no one wants to listen to something that has almost lost its currency. If you write about something not very topical, you need to connect or compare it with something modern. This will make your listeners more interested in what you present and your work will get some extra points. The text quality also matters a lot. So, secure yourself and use the paper proofreading and editing services.

Recommendation #4. Give more examples. This is almost the continuation of the previous paragraph. The more you support your scientific research with the examples, especially the modern and fresh ones, the more chances you have to get the laudatory exclamations from your “scientific colleagues”, i.e. from the teachers.

Recommendation #5. Do your work, following the demands. Many researchers, especially the young ones, often neglect the rules of the academic papers formatting. “I forgot to put a comma… Well, okay, it does not matter”, this is what we can often hear from the students, especially, from the freshmen. However, you have to know that the whole life (its scientific part is not an exception) consists of various little rules, bureaucracy and different kinds of “papers”.

Research work, in most cases, belongs to these very “papers”. However, this is not just the sheets of paper, this is a step up towards the development of all mankind. If everyone takes such steps, not following the commonly accepted rules, there will be chaos, as everyone knows. So, from the very first research works, you need to make it your habit to stick to the rules and demands. The sooner you get used to following suchlike rules the fewer problems you will have in the future. For example, the students that study at the top universities that produce millionaires are taught to follow the rules, what help them achieve success.

These are the main recommendations, which we want to present you, so that you write your research works competently. In the end, we want to tell you one more thing. Science is a complex and often unclear field. However, it is very exciting, at the same time. If you imagine yourself a scientist in the future, or you want to get as much as possible knowledge of some subject, then, you must participate in the student scientific societies. The student scientific society is the door to the world of big science. You just need to open it. Good luck with your research activities and have fun!

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